Why I hate glazed gable end!

What Is a Gable End on a Building?


A gable end is an architectural term which is used to refer to the vertically triangular wall between the sloping roofs of a gable building. The gable’s shape will depend on the structural system that is in use.

Gable End

At work we have had more enquiries about covering for gable ends, then an old friend of mine called me yesterday to ask for some advice. They are having an extension to their house and the architect had designed the bedroom to have a gable end with vaulted ceiling, and a triangular window over open-inward French doors onto a Julliette balcony. She was concerned whether this was sensible for a bedroom as she didn’t know what window dressing she could use. As the first course of bricks had just been laid it was a perfect time to check.

Like most people, my friend mainly uses her bedroom at night for sleeping in. Although the view is nice, with a busy family life there will be very little opportunity to sit staring out the window. The room will not be used for anything else – there is no room for a desk or chaise longue! They also like the room reasonably dark to sleep in – not the sun streaming in at 4am during the summer months which being South-East facing would have been the case. Moreover, the glazing for the triangle and the shutters (which are the only attractive solution for such shapes) are expensive and like most people on a build project the budget is tight.

My personal opinion is that glazed gable ends are architecturally attractive but rarely sensible for a bedroom. My friend agreed that it didn’t fit her lifestyle requirements and is now having a solid gable end, but retaining the French doors. We will then dress those with blackout lined curtains or blackout roller blinds, both options motorised so that she can lie-in bed and open them to contemplate the view – if the kids ever give her the opportunity.