He could be right this time – Micheal Fish that is.

He could be right this time

Veteran weather forecaster Michael Fish has claimed that Britain will enjoy seven times as many scorching summer days by 2100 due to climate change. Now I know he got the hurricane forecast disastrously wrong in 1987, but as I sit here in over 30 degrees heat the thought that similar temperatures could increase from seven to 50 per year has made me think.

Bi-fold Doors

Fundamentally I would beg all architects, builders and designers to think about the amount of and type of glazing used in buildings. For example, we recently visited a home with seven metres wide floor-to-ceiling inward-opening bifold doors – in a bedroom! The doors do not lead anywhere, there is just a Juliette balcony. The customer is struggling with heat and light – starting at 5am when the sun rises and so must she. The choices open to her for shading the doors were limited because of the type of doors used and the positioning of the install. All she wanted was a comfortable night’s sleep.


  •  Your home is being built or renovated to your specifications but how are you actually going to live in it?
  •  Will you have a large screen TV up on the wall in the room with glass walls?
  •  Do you have children running around on hard floors making lots of noise?
  •  Do you like to sleep in almost pitch black?
  •  Do you need privacy in the front room?

 Personally, if I was designing my bedroom which had a view I would incorporate large picture windows. I would make sure these had opening-outward large windows and fanlights. I would then make sure the electrician added a power source at the top of the window so I could motorise, plus the builder had incorporated a false pelmet. I would then put a motorised blackout roller blind behind a curtain on a motorised track. Finally I would put my dressing table below it, so I could appreciate the view whilst putting my make-up on every morning!

Roof Lights

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