Save the world’s wildlife

Save the world’s wildlife

This weekend we took our sons to Whipsnade Zoo. The lemurs were fun leaping over our heads in the open enclosure, the baby elephant Sam totally captivating and the penguins as cute as ever.

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However, it was the presentation about the chimps that really got me thinking. The oldest one at Whipsnade is 41 years old (snap!) and in the wild her lifespan expectation would not be much more than 45.  The biggest threat to their survival comes from the combined impacts of habitat loss and degradation, driven by unsustainable human consumption. With global wildlife populations halved in just 40 years, the impact that we have on all biodiversity let alone animals whose genetic make-up is less than 1% different to us can be depressing.

The lady giving the talk encouraged us to try to buy only Forestry Stewardship Certified hardwood which is the only wood certification scheme endorsed by the major environmental charities, including WWF, Greenpeace and The Woodland Trust.


Only our Premier Range of shutters is certified under this scheme, but all our wood products are sourced from sustainable forests. The specific wood  for the shutters comes from sustainable forests on the Solomon Islands which nurture several protected species of hardwood trees. The plantation has held certification since 1998 and provides full accountability and traceability of this premium timber.  Just like the Child Safe campaign, the blind industry does care about our children’s future.


However, I know from experience that when price versus environmental concerns it is the cost factor that usually wins. After looking into the eyes of this beautiful chimp, I am going to try to remember the wider cost implications.