Electric Blinds for Shading Bi-fold Doors.

When you’re planning which blinds to go for, there are a number of considerations for you to think about:

  • Do you need blinds for long or tall windows?
  • Do you need multiple blinds in a room or over bi-fold doors in your room?
  • Will your blinds be over a sink, behind a sofa or in another awkward location to access?

To name but a few. However if the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it may be worth considering your options.

More and more houses have bi-fold doors or large expanses of glass somewhere in their house. While these are great in the day, there are likely to be times when you’ll want some shade or privacy at night. On these large expanses of glass, especially over doors, people often don’t realise just how heavy they can be. It can be quite an effort for some people to open or close the blinds.

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This is only made more difficult if there are multiple blinds in the room. Manual blinds will all be operated independently. If you want to flood the room with light, you will be looking to open all the blinds in one go. This means in some houses opening and closing a number of blinds every day. I don’t know about you but ease of use would appeal to me when it comes to something as mundane as opening the blinds each morning.

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The same applies when blinds are located in difficult locations. It’s not always easy to reach over a sink, sofa or desk to get to the chain that controls the manual blinds. You don’t want to be climbing over you furniture every time. It’s just not convenient.

Here are some examples of how installing motorised blinds can get around this issue.

Have a look at this video. These blinds are floor to ceiling, covering 2 walls. How long do you think it would take to open these, and how heavy do you think it would be to operate? With just one click on a remote and all the blinds go up (or down) together. Don’t worry though, with our motorisation options you have options to suit how you want your blinds to work. The remotes that we offer mean that the blinds can run all together or independently … it’s your choice!

If you have bi-fold doors in your home this may be a bit more relatable; these doors require a number of blinds along the length. With manual blinds they would all have to be opened individually. Using a Somfy remote these can also be opened all at once or just the blind that you want.

We believe that blinds should look great AND make your life easier. You shouldn’t have to work hard for great looking blinds.

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