You may have noticed

You may have noticed there aren’t many companies fitting blinds horizontally…..

# Well if you haven’t, as you search around a bit more you’ll find that there aren’t many that have the experience to fit blinds to roof lanterns in your home.

Fitting blinds in this aspect, within an orangery or conservatory, isn’t straight forward and most tradition systems aren’t designed for these situations either.

# Don’t be fooled that they can.

You might find a few who are prepared to customise something. With that thou, there can be some issues. The systems aren’t designed to draw the fabric across the opening horizontally and consequently, motors can often become stressed which is storing up potential problems. Furthermore, the fabrics used don’t perform well either, creasing, folding at the edge and often sag too.

#The system simply does support the fabric to avoid this. But there are options available …

If you are thinking about shading in your roof lantern or orangery, then you would have spent time, effort and not least money to get the finish you are looking for.

I know I know, you wanted more light into the room but trust me you can still have this. You might find thou that glare and heat gain or loss might just take the edge off what you have. Making living in the space a little awkward or your attire inappropriate to receive guests!

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