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Are we part of Europe or not?

Are we part of Europe or not? Whatever your political persuasion, window dressing is very different in continental Europe than it is in the UK. Nowhere more so that on the thorny subject of awning valances. Apparently awning valances are an English thing (I was told this by a German!). The traditional shop awning has […]

Who’d have thought it?

We recently went to a training day by Weinor who manufacture awnings. They have an exclusive collection of fabrics from Para – one of the leading two weavers in the world, and they showed me this video:

Who’d have thought it?
I was amazed at some of the facts and figures:
1. They spin enough yarn each year to get to the moon and back 173 times, weaving 18 million square metres of fabric per year
2. The Italians lead the way in this type of fabric production
3. Our awning fabric comes from the same mills as the fabric used in Ikea products
4. They use nanotechnology
5. Fabric has a memory, and different materials have different grade memories

I will never look at awning covers in quite the same way ever again!




As the warmer weather is getting closer, the chance to sit outside at various cafes, bars and restaurants is an attractive thought for us all. Come rain or shine, our awnings offer a pleasant experience as either way we will want to stay under the shade.

Pergola Awning

Pergola Awning making the patio space a great place for alfresco dinning.

Should the sun get unbearably hot or heavy rain showers begin, our awnings will provide you with that instant protection and shade allowing you to control the weather on your own terms. The awnings are typically positioned over windows or exterior doors, making them a perfect addition to any garden or outdoor space (including) home patios, shops, cafes or restaurant’s etc.

Our awnings are available in various colours and styles and can be made to suit your exact needs and requirements of your premises while being able to adapt to most styles of home architecture. You can have them manually operated or electrically operated as part of an automation system. They can also be a great asset to businesses, making your business stand out on the High street.

Our made to measure awnings are supplied from a number of leading manufacturers, for further information or a free quote contact us today on: 01372 377 112