Commercial Awnings

Why pick AN AWNING?

  •  Create presence and additional advertising.
  •  Remote controlled for ease of use.
  •  Sensors to protect in adverse conditions.
  •  Cassetted finishes create sleek image.
  •  Quality components tested over 40,000 cycles.


Retractable awnings are vital to protecting your window displays and merchandise from fading in the sun and to make your store stand out from the crowd.

Remote control via a handset or wall-mounted switch means they are quick and easy to use, allowing fast response to changing weather conditions. Wind sensors can be employed to retract the awning in adverse conditions.

Enhance your presence on the High Street adding retractable awnings:

    •   Create large billboards.
    •   Fabrics to match your shop livery.
    •   Apply logos and sign-writing displaying contact information 24/7.
Non-retractable or fixed canopies are primarily used as decorative additions to buildings, often doubling up as three-dimensional signs. They offer some degree of shading to the window display. Included in this category will be approach awnings which can be used to highlight an entrance or even be used as a covered walkway downstairs.


As well as awnings and canopies, we can also supply standard blinds for the interior of your shop, as well as window film in the shop front windows.

We supply and install sun shades from all the major manufacturers, and base our advice and options on the different considerations:

  •  Budget - all our awnings are well made and expertly installed, but there are different price ranges.
  •  Location - our surveyors carefully consider the wall that the awning will be fixed to. Single story buildings, flat roofs, glass-fronted rooms, the composition of the wall, guttering and soffits all require consideration and planning for. We design the brackets to ensure the weight is displaced correctly and waste pipes are avoided.
  •  Made-to-measure - each awning is designed exactly for your needs. We can supply solutions for awnings with a greater projection than width, variable pitch, extendable valances, windy spots, or to colour-match existing metalwork.
  •  Usage - we can supply lights and heaters built into the awnings to extend the use during the summer evenings.

Visit our showrooms to view the range, or contact us to book a free home design visit to see how you can transform your shop front with an awning. 

Ideal for:

    •   Create large billboards.
    •   Fabrics to match your shop livery.
    •   Create stand out on the high street

Product details:

    •  Cassette options - none, semi or full cassettes available.
    •  Fabrics - 100's of colours and patterns.
    •  Apply logos and sign-writing displaying contact information 24/7.
    •  Accessories - lights and heaters either built-in or separate.
    •  Dimensions - we recommend up to 8m wide, with projections of 4m.
    • Over this other options are available.

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