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Bi-Fold Door Blinds

Bi-folding doors are increasingly popular for extensions and new builds. However, they present an interesting shading conundrum – heat, glare and privacy all need a solution.

  •   Simple to use and discreet when opened.
  •   Create an impact on a window.
  •   Huge and exciting selection of fabrics.


Bi-fold doors (or patio and french doors) fill the room with light and provide stunning and uninterrupted views of your garden, patio or decking. In short, they bridge the gap between the living and outside areas, adding a new inspirational dimension to the room.

Many people have chosen bi-folding doors to maximise the light and external views from their room. The last thing they want to do is put up curtains or blinds that block the light or reduce the minimalistic design. 

We can help. Please contact us today to arrange your consultation without any obligation.

Bi-Fold Doors Electric Roller Blinds

Opting for bi-fold doors to “bring the outside in” putting up particluar blinds or curtains will take away from the desired results. The fabric is key too, to allow you to still see outside to your garden. There are specialised fabrics that prevent a high level of UV rays from penetrating the room protecting your furniture from the sun’s strong rays.

We have developed solutions specifically designed to address the problems of shading bi-fold doors and very large glass areas. Including systems to integrate with Home Automation Systems. If you have thought about dressing the window before you have even built the door, electric roller blinds in hidden roof cassettes are fabulous.

Electric Roller Blind

As alternatives we can also recommend automated curtain tracks, Luxaflex Silhouettes, sliding panel blinds or 250mm vertical panes. These blinds can be operated with a manual chain or can be motorised.

Each and every blind is expertly measured; fitted and made specifically for your home. Please contact us today to arrange your consultation without any obligation.

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"Very impresssed"

"Can measured up and showed me some samples. It was quite difficult for me to imagine the complete blind just from the small sample. I'm very satisfied with the result."

Julian KT7