QMotion Blinds

Why pick Q Motion blinds?

  •   Exciting new technology.
  •   Ideal for openings with no power supply.
  •   Unique DUAL control motor with manual over.
  •   Complete wireless motorisation.
  •   Easy fabric removal and replacement.


Automating your window covering is now common. We use a remote control for so many applications in our homes, that employing them on blinds and curtains just makes sense. In time, all the elements of lighting, shading, heating, security and entertainment will combine as standard, but in the meantime, we can provide the shading separately.

QMotion Roller Blinds

QMotion Shading Systems provide a wireless window covering solutions for the home. Which differs from the traditional motorised window coverings as QMotion does not require a qualified electrician to install 240v wiring power wiring for the blind motor.

    •   QMotion is COMPLETELY wireless motorisation.
      The system allows you to operated your roller blinds via remote control or by smartphone or tablet using an app. You can remotely operate your shades individually or simultaneously, by room, by elevation, and by floor.
    •   QMotion has a unique DUAL control system.
        You have a dual control that allows you to operate the shade manually as well as remotely. Tugging the bottom bar you can lower the blind or send the shade back up to its last pre-set position or fully raised position, allowing a new level of control convenience.
Automated Blinds - replaceable cover

      •   QMotion keeps up with interior fashions.
      • If you want to change your fabric to match a new scheme or suit the season you can. fabric for use on your existing hardware providing unique longevity and return on investment from your window covering.
Visit our showrooms to view the range, or contact us to book a free home design visit to see how you can transform your windows with these stylish blinds.

& ExtrasHome Automation Module

The ability to control shades from a central point has become the new normal for today's advanced shading systems. With an integration module installed you can have single, grouped and 'all' control of the blinds installed in your property.

  •   connect with Home or Building Automation Systems.
  •   connect via the ethernet for properties with no home automation.
There are automated solutions available for many situations visit our showrooms to view the range, or contact us to book a free home design visit to see how you can transform your windows with these stylish blinds.

Blinds for Bifold Doors Roof Lanterns & Skylights
Conservatory Blinds Curtain Tracks

Ideal for:

                      •   Situations where you only want the blinds down at night.
                      •   Bi-fold Doors electric control of glare and UV.
                      •   Attractively dress your window.
                      •   To make a stunning focal point in your room.
                      •   Minimalist aesthetics.

Product details:

              •   Operation - battery powered with wireless remote control.
              •   Control -  via an app for both smartphone & tablet in either IOS or android formats.
              •   Dimensions - up to 3m wide, 3.5m height. 
              •   Dual Operation - manual and/or motorised.
              •   Fabric - all fabrics have been specifically designed for use on roller systems.
              •   Facias - Five standard colours: White, Silver, Sand, Bronze, and Black.
              •   Home Automation - Interface module bridges between our language and most home automation systems.

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