Toplight Roof Blinds

Why pick Toplight Roof Blinds?

  •   The perfect way to manage heat gain or loss.
  •   Wire free solution.
  •   Optimised for quiet operation.
  •   One touch operation open or closed.

Make the most of your glass roof

The Toplight Roof Blind is a great way to regulate the light from your roof lantern that brightens your winter and ensure your cool in the summer too.

Skylights and Rooflights offer some challenges with the improvements you get from additional natural light as well as the great views of the sky during the day and at night too.

With a new roof lantern comes lots of additional light into your living space. It can mean this space can get considerably warmer than before or conversely cooler with lower temperatures outside too.


Rooflights will improve working spaces too, what was perhaps a dimly lit area gets bathed in more natural light. Modern monitors and flat screens, with this additional natural light, can make reviewing your emails or be watching the latest movie difficult.

  •  How do you manage these changes?
The Toplight Roof Blind will solve all of these problems for you. Choose a fabric to help manage temperature, maintain warmth in the cooler months with thermal insulation or reduce heat gain during the summer too.

The Toplight Roof Blind will improve management of glare on TV’s or monitors as a result of more light from your roof lantern or roof light.

Furthermore with the Toplight Roof Blind drawn across it also solves any privacy issues from nosy neighbours or where roof lantern or skylight might leave you overlooked. All this can be integrated into your home automation system too for complete autopilot living and control of heat and glare from roof lantern.

Under glass guidance arm


  •  The perfect way to manage heat gain or loss.
  •  Made-to-measure technology.
  •  Optimised gliders ensure a very quiet operation.
  •  One touch operation to open or close.
  •  No visible wire shading solution for your Roof Lantern.
under glass headbox

Visit our showrooms to view the range, or contact us to book a free home design visit to see how you can transform your windows with these elegant blinds.

Ideal for:

  •  Roof Lanterns.
  •  Orangery.
  •  Skylights
  •  Integration with home automation systems.

Product details:

  •  Single unit coverage maximum width 6000mm by projection 4000mm, multiple units can be coupled together.
  • Side fixture and a hem bar which incorporates vario-belt tensioning system ensuring fabrics are held taut in all four dimensions.
  • Side fixture system removes any gap between the fabric and the side track.
  • Cassette to protect the unit from dirt and moisture.
  •  All metal components are in White RAL 9016, Metallic Aluminium RAL 9006 or Brown RAL9016. Other RAL colours are available at extra cost.
  •  Fabrics include shading and screen options all in a range of colours.
  •  Additional lighting options from LED lighting bars or LED lighting lines attached directly to the guidance arms.
  •  Control electric motor with 1.Wall-mounted switch and /or 2.Remote control handset.
  •  Possible integration in a house automation.

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