Too much light with a Roof Lantern?

Roof lanterns are incredibly popular as an architectural solution to bringing light into a room. From the traditional to contemporary designs they can create a very dramatic appearance in a room – transforming a dull flat roof into a stunning feature of your home.

There is more details here  – Zip Roof Blinds.

Zip Blinds Roof LanternZip Blind Roof Lantern

Our experience has found that people do not always want traditional pleated roof blinds and/or have access problems where traditional roof blind solution don’t work.

We have found the best solution is the zip blind system, they offer the ultimate in light and heat control. The blinds system fabric zips inside small side channels, making it a true blackout blind ideal for cinema rooms or bedrooms where it needs to be a total blackout.

The Roof ZIP blind is the ONLY solution which is retractable leaving no visible permanent cables across the opening. Not only does it offer a fully remote control using the latest technology, but the material folds away into boxes that can be hidden away within the walls or plasterboard.

These are great if you want to integrate with home automation system too.

For your free quote on zip blinds for roof lanterns, then please call 01372 377 122 or contact us online and request our buyers guide for Roof Lantern Zip BLinds.

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