Are we part of Europe or not?

Are we part of Europe or not?

Whatever your political persuasion, window dressing is very different in continental Europe than it is in the UK. Nowhere more so that on the thorny subject of awning valances.

Apparently awning valances are an English thing (I was told this by a German!). The traditional shop awning has a valance as it allows for sign-writing of the business name and phone number. Residential patio awnings have no need for this self-promotion and a standard 15cm valance only provides 10 minutes extra shade.

Awning dutch canopy

For the purists a valance ruins a designer profile and just looks dirtier quicker than the rest of the fabric which is protected the majority of the time by the cassette. And the Germans in particular love their awnings. Apparently after the home and the car, the type of awning you have is the third clue to social standing!


However, the clever designers at Weinor and other awning companies have developed the Valance Plus. This is a retractable valance which can hide away in the front bar then drop to a maximum of 2.1m. At this length the awning then creates an outside room. Here’s one we did recently:

Awnings Dropping Valance 041013







Outdoor living

Integrating lighting to your awning adds that special touch to any patio: their warm glow creates attractive lighting while allowing the patio to be used for much longer. Based on modern LED technology, the innovative light bars can save a great deal of energy. What is more, the light-emitting diodes have a long lifetime of some 30,000 hours, also helping to save resources. Weinor LED light bars can be operated and even dimmed using BiConnect remote-control technology. Most importantly – LED don’t attract bugs so you will not be dive-bombed whilst you enjoy that evening glass of Chardonnay.

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