3 things you probably hadn’t considered! – motorised blinds

3 Things you probably hadn’t considered! – Motorised Blinds

We are talking to more and more homeowners as well as Home Automation specialist who have recognized there is something missing from their automation.

#Motorised blinds are on the rise (and fall with your home automation system).

Premier Blinds & Awnings - Electric BlindsFinishing the scheme Home Automation Installers are increasing being challenged: “If I can set my lighting, change my music and TV via my home automation system – why do I have to get up to close my blinds?”

Before you even get there thou, there are several things to keep in mind not least what system you are going to use.

3 Motorised System

1.    Stand-alone system

If you haven’t considered window dressing such as motorised blinds during your build or you are refreshing your scheme the ‘stand-alone system’ is more than likely the option that’ll work for you.

Premier Blinds - Motorised BlindsThe motorised blinds are being fitted retrospectively perhaps into your roof lantern/skylight or perhaps across bi-folding doors a ‘stand-alone system’ would normally be installed with which to operate your new motorised blinds.

The blinds would be installed and would have their own power source, this could be battery or mains power, motor, transformer (if low voltage motors used) and controls. 

Controls can come in the form of a handset or wall mounted switch.  The blinds and controls can then be programmed to allow individual or grouped blinds to be operated together within the ‘stand-alone’ system.

2.    Home Automation system

Integrated into you home automation system to allow control of the motorised blinds along with audio-visual, lighting and security. Perfect for the home cinema, with the touch of a button lights dim, the screen opens up and blinds close. The key point being the system operates more than just the blinds.

Premier Blinds Motorised Blinds

The specification is important here, so understanding how specifically you want to control the blinds is important. Depending on the way the blinds are to be controlled will influence the specific motors that will be used in the motorisation of the blinds, it will also influence the type and style of cabling needed at each motorised blind location.

This means motorised blinds can be completely controlled via the home automation system and/or in conjunction with a remote control like the stand-alone system.

3.    Wi-fi control systems

The system uses an open port in your router to which you connect a transmitter for the blinds. These systems require an application to be downloaded to your smart phone and generally are available in IOS and Andriod versions.

The applications work in a slightly different way but allow you to open and close your motorised blinds from the comfort of the sofa, the car or from the beach on holiday. They also have options that allow you to control several blinds at once rather having to adjust each one individually.

One thing to keep in mind. If you don’t receive a good Wi-fi signal near the window where you are looking to install the motorised blinds operation may be affected. All is not lost, but you may well need a signal booster to establish consistent ad reliable signal to the blind.