Picture this …. You’re decorating your home

Decorating ImagePicture this …. You’re decorating your home, to look just the way that you want it. I’m sure you’re looking for a clean and neat finish to match the rest of your home. You’re looking for the finishing touch; blinds to go along your bi-fold doors. But the length of the bifold doors requires 3 blinds.  That means the chain to control the central blind will be hanging in the middle? What about if you had 4 blinds? Or more? The clean look is suddenly cluttered with the controls for the various blinds?

Did you know, child safety laws have come into place for blinds too. This means there are restrictions on how blinds are to be made BUT also fitted. We’re obliged to fit clips to hold your blinds in place. All of these are issues customers who want their homes just the way they imagined come across.

Child Safety Devices 1

There is an easy alternative. Have a look at this video below. You can see, all the blinds and the roof lantern blind are running seamlessly together. You can’t see controls anywhere and the blinds fit perfectly with the room.

What can we do for you? How can we make sure your house is just the way you want it.