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He could be right this time – Micheal Fish that is.

He could be right this time Veteran weather forecaster Michael Fish has claimed that Britain will enjoy seven times as many scorching summer days by 2100 due to climate change. Now I know he got the hurricane forecast disastrously wrong in 1987, but as I sit here in over 30 degrees heat the thought that […]

So this is a ‘Spanish Plume’

So this is a ‘Spanish Plume’

No – it doesn’t refer to a large feather on the hat of a Spaniard, rather a catchy name for a rather complex set of meteorological conditions. It involves very warm and humid air moving up from the Spanish plateau to the UK. If this meets cooler area of air from the

Rhino Shutters

Secure open spaces, controlling light, heat and glare.

Rhino Shutters

Maintain air circulation, control heat and glare & remain secure.

Atlantic, the warm air can be forced rapidly upwards to produce thunderstorms. And that certainly is what hit my house last night. In fact one our team’s homes got a direct hit and she was lucky she only got a small jolt off the radiator she was leaning against.

What it has made me think about at home is the suitability of my blinds to block out heat and light, but allow air flow. My heavy curtains contribute to a stifling room, but the Rhino Shutters in particular allow me to leave my doors and windows open without any concerns regarding intruders (luckily more likely to be the local feral cats than burglars in our area).

My top tip in this sunshine though is to join in with your kids’ water-fight.

Are you a Goldfish?

Who would want to live in a goldfish bowl?

That’s exactly what it felt like last week when we were having our kitchen redecorated. After clearing the kitchen of clutter and taking down the blinds it amazed me how different the room felt. We only have a medium width patio door and two small windows in it, but it felt like we were living in a goldfish bowl.

Premier Blinds & Awnings

At night the door especially became a great big black expanse. I felt exposed, even though we are not overlooked – and got rather a shock one night when a cat walked past peering in! The difference in acoustics (two young boys create a lot of noise) and heat loss was noticeable.

It got me thinking – with the trend towards large bi-fold doors, walls of glazing and roof lanterns in homes, it is more important than ever to dress your windows right. It is usually the summer months when glare and soaring temperatures often drive us to find a solution, but it can actually be during the winter that blinds and curtains really add benefit. You don’t have to be a Goldfish!


Bi-Fold Door Blinds - Premier Blinds & Awnings

Bi-Folding Doors in your property? Unsure how to keep them shaded? Premier Blinds has the solutions for you.

Bi-Fold doors are becoming increasingly popular, they are a great for connecting your outdoors with your indoors. Despite general doubt, we have various types of blinds that can be fitted to Bi-Fold doors, additionally our blinds will be fitted to ensure that they are flexible enough to cover your doors whether opened, partially opened or totally closed ensuring that our options are practical. We have a wide range of fabric colours that will complement the modern and stylish look that Bi-Fold doors create in your homes.

Electric Bi-Fold Door Blinds

Electric Bi-Fold Door Blinds

However it is not only the modern and stylish appeal that you wish to cover it is also the practical side of the product that makes blinds vital for anyone with bi-fold doors. The blinds will reduce the amount of heat and glare beamed in to your house on those hot summer days and will in turn protect your indoor furniture from the suns strong UV rays.  All of our Bi-Fold doors blinds are also available motorised allowing you to open / close them electrically, making life that bit easier.

We pride ourselves on our quality and value for money. For a free no obligations quote on blinds for your Bi-Fold doors, please contact us on – 01372 377 112 alternatively you can contact us online: http://www.blindsawnings.com/contact.html / Tweet Us at: @PremierBlinds