Tracks & Poles

Why pick new track & poles?


New curtains deserve new tracks or poles! The choices are endless: from poles in wood, brass, chrome or stained with beautiful finials, to straight and shaped tracks possibly with a fascia. We also specialise in automated tracks, which can be controlled by a timer or light sensor. These are great for security as they give the appearance of someone at home. They can be linked into home automation systems such as Lutron, Crestron or Rako.

We display a small selection in our showrooms, but can source most items. For those trickier installations or for those who hate DIY, we can fit your tracks and poles as well as hang your curtains.


Curtains that automatically open at dawn and close at dusk - they are brilliant! Electric curtain tracks are ideal for providing extra security, ease of use or simply luxury.

Whether you want to replace both your curtains and tracks, simply upgrade your manual track to electric or integrate electric curtains into your home automation system Premier Blinds will offer expert advice to provide you with the best solution.

The most popular Silent Gliss curtain tracks that we supply simply plug into the nearest 13amp socket and can be used straight away, with all switches and senors hidden behind the curtain. We can supply these electric tracks as a DIY product, or provide installation if required. 

These tracks come made-to-measure and have a variety of option avilable for operation, which include:

  •   Wall switch operation.
  •   Wall switch and remote control.
  •   Wall switch, remote control and timer.
  •   Wall switch, remote control, timer and day and night automatic sensor.

We can also supply Silent Gliss electric curtain tracks that can be hard wired and incorporated in a home automation system. These tracks can have bends if required, making them ideal for bay windows.

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The new Glydea electric curtain tracks from Somfy can also be plugged directly into a wall socket, however we espeically recommened this product for home automation systems. Many of the top home automation systems use Somfy motors, and Glydea tracks can be integrated with also any system including Lutron and Crestron. The motors come with a number of options for automation, including dry contact and RTS technology. 

Glydea tracks can be made up to 10 metres in length and can carry heavy weight curtains of up to 60kg. Their classy design and quiet operation makes them a popular option for homeowners looking to bring smart technology into their homes.

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"blinds work perfectly and having them powered made all the difference"

"Large bi fold doors needed some form of window covering. We wanted to use a local firm and not a nationwide company. Premier Blinds & Awnings were very helpful and set out all the options for me to make my mind up. The blinds work perfectly and having them powered made all the difference. Excellent quality and operation."

Alan - KT3