Plantation Shutters

Why pick Shutters?

  •   A range of styles to suit different window shapes and sizes.
  •   Wood ranges - Antigua, Bali, Cuba, Fiji & Sumatra.
  •   Natural wood tones and painted finishes.
  •   Custom-made to fit any shape perfectly.


Internal wooden plantation shutters offer an alternative to other window dressings and are equally at home in both modern and traditional settings. Popular in America and in Europe, they provide light control, privacy, noise and thermal insulation. They give clean lines, style and ambience to any room.
Conservatory Shutters


Conservatory Roof Shutters are specifically designed for challenging window treatments at any angle, including skylights and rooms filled with windows. With a choice of aluminium or wooden slats operated by a motor or manually, the non-retractable louvres provide a moving canvas of light.

Plantation Shutter Styles:

Tier on Tier - Offering the ultimate control over light and privacy the top and bottom half of this style of shutter open and close independently of each other. So you can throw open the top half to let the light flood in while maintaining your privacy with the lower half closed.

  •   Extremely versatile | Provides excellent privacy | Great for light control.

Full height - These shutters cover your entire window for a striking finish and maximum privacy. They can be adapted to suit your requirements' allowing louvres in the top of the shutter to open independently of the bottom, and the panels to fold back exactly how you want them to.

  •  Traditional style shutter| Customise to suit your requirements| Perfect control over light and privacy.

Café Style - Add a continental touch to your home with shutters that cover the bottom half of your windows only. This style of shutter is not only the very height of chic but is a great way of letting the light in while keeping prying eyes out.

  •  Chic styling| Allows plenty of light in | Ensures privacy when closed.

Tracked Options - A brilliant solution for doors and extra wide windows, and a great way to provide additional durability for frequently used areas. Tracked shutters can also be used to divide or open up a room space.

  •   A durable option for frequently use areas | Allows for multiple folding shutter panels | Use to divide a large room.

Shaped Solutions - Angled, arched, hexagonal, round, bay or sash. We can tailor make virtually any style and shape of shutter to suit your needs.

  •   The perfect way to enhance a feature window | Versatile enough to fit most window shapes | Custom-made to fit any shape perfectly.

Visit our showrooms to view the range, or contact us to book a free home design visit to see how you can transform your windows with these elegant shutters. 

Idea For:
  •   Tier on tier best results for the bedroom.
  •   Full Height can be used for any room in the home.
  •   Café Style would be ideal for rooms that are overlooked.
  •   Tracked installation is good for busy doorways, patio doors and large expanses of glass.
  •   Conservatory Roof Shutters are specifically designed for treatments at any angle, including skylights.
  •   Shaped options can be fitted arched windows, roof and side windows.
  •   Flat roof lights or sharply sloping glazing where other solutions would sag.
Product details:

  •   Wood ranges - Antigua, Bali, Cuba, Fiji & Sumatra.
  •   Louvre sizes - 32mm, 47mm, 64mm, 89mm, 114mm, solid panels.
  •   Colours and stains - up to 17 paint and 32 stain colours including custom colour matching.
  •   Remote control options also available.

All our shutters are surveyed and installed by our expert team. We do not recommend these as a DIY product as a significant level of carpentry skills are required to achieve the best results.

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